What We Do ?

  • UNILIXIR EQ TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD, was formed for the purpose of import, export, expert service, implementing, developing and marketing new technologies in co-operation with the Original  Equipment Manufacturer
  • Our primary focus is to develop long term relationship with our partner/clients and local market. This dedication to long term partnership will allow us to help is achieving common goal. We work  to build and grow successful strong relationship within their  community and business.

Our Services

  • Domestic Expert Service
    • We can offer technical expert services for overseas clients for implementing projects at India in most easier ways.
    • Our major strength in project execution is to handle import / export process, customs clearance, logisitics, obtaining statuatory approvals, streamlining project flows, facilitating onshore procurement activities, manpower mobilization, onsite fabrication works.

  • Export Management Company (EMC)
    • EMC has merchandise to sell and uses its energies to seek out buyers.
    • An EMC handles trading operations for domestic and foreign Original Equipment Manufacturers, that wants to sell its products oversea, but doesn’t k now how. The EMC acts as dealers, distributors,  authorized vendor, service partner, handling advertisements and promotions, overseeing complete operation AT foreign market on behalf of original Equipment Manufacturer

  • Import/ Export Merchant
      A free agent network, with no specific client base, does not specialize in any one industry or line of products, instead we purchase goods directly from domestic /foreign manufacturers and resells the goods on our own, with the same assured quality and enhanced product enhancement in respective market