About Unilixir

  • UNILIXIR EQ TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED, was founded under the guidance of group of professionals, having extensive knowledge in the field of China and other international markets, also  have marketing skills in the local market with the mission to provide  accelerated, sustainable business growth for its clients through the  development and implementation of innovative marketing strategies.

  • We are Registered under Companies act 2013, as a Private Limited Company near Chennai, having our registered office near the capital of the state of Tamilnadu.

  • We are capable to provide, quality and efficient support for our partner/ clients for the successful business implementation at local market. We shall work collaboratively with our clients/ partner to  achieve best possible results.

  • We are professionally managed team, having vast experience in the field of international trade, logistics, international finance, marketing and all the all other supply chain links for handling import ,erection of  various high value machineries such as boiler, turbine, high capacity  pumps, transformers etc..,

why us ?

Our client can experience real energy and enthu of young and experienced professionals. Our way of working is such a way that all details and data’s will be documented as per international standard for future easy retrieval and references, by the way of mixing professional and common man’s approach, our clients products and services can be drilled to top to medium class society.

UNILIXIR EQ TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD, was formed for the purpose of import, export, expert service, implementing, developing and marketing new technologies in co-operation with the Original Equipment Manufacturer

Our primary focus is to develop long term relationship with our partner/clients and local market. This dedication to long term partnership will allow us to help is achieving common goal. We work to build and grow successful strong relationship within their community and business.